What are some key points to keep in mind while looking for a farmhouse kitchen faucet?

  1. Farmhouse sinks do not have pre-drilled holes in them, hence the faucet will need to be installed into the countertop or the wall.
  2. Pay attention to the front to back length of the farmhouse sink and determine how much space you have behind the sink leaving enough room for cleaning behind the sink and faucet if installing with a wall behind.
  3. Take accurate measurements and double-check your minimum and maximum size requirements and watch for the faucet spout height and reach and check measure again.
  4. When deciding on the finish, think about your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. Some finishes may look beautiful and match your decor but the finish will wear off if you don't take care of what you use to clean it. Chrome is the most durable finish but may not match your design palette. Nickel finishes are a good second choice (brushed, satin, or stainless steel)
  5. Check the water lines and thickness of your countertop. The faucet should be compatible with the water lines, hence check the size of your shut-off valve. Most professionals will generally replace the shut-off valves before installing a new faucet.

Bocchi Faucets at The Sink Boutique
The Bocchi Livenza Spiral Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Nickel.

It is easy to fall in love with a kitchen faucet. Today's designs offered are unique, stunning and are a conversation piece that stands alone as a piece of art. It is, however, important to understand your sink setup and kitchen usage to ensure you get a functional fixture that also complements your space.

To find the perfect farmhousekitchen faucettype and style that is unique to you and that would enhance the look of your farmhouse sink and kitchen read more about the different types of farmhouse kitchen faucets.

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