Can I install a farmhouse sink in existing standard kitchen cabinets?

In short, yes it is possible but the existing kitchen cabinets will need to be reworked. Please consult your kitchen installer.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  • Traditional farmhouse sinks are heavy and need to be supported, hence, a support structure will need to be built.
  • Due to the depth of most farmhouse sinks (about 9-10" deep), the cabinet doors will need to be cut down and repainted or replaced.
  • The front face of the cabinet will need to be reworked and a new piece of trim made and added to the cabinet.
  • Make sure the sink is completely level from the top and bottom. You can use shims to make adjustments.
  • Be prepared to remove or replace the entire countertop and possibly re-plumb your drain lines.
  • Typically, the size of the cabinet recommended is 3 inches larger than the size of the sink (check manufacture recommendation)
  • For an easier install solution, take a look at our collection of retro-fit farmhouse sinks that can be installed in existing standard kitchen cabinets. These options have shorter aprons.


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