How to care for an AllStone Black Lava stone sink?

Caring for an AllStone stone sink is not nearly as complicated as most people think. For cleaning all you’ll need is dishwashing soap. Please refrain from using bleach on this stone as it may affect the stone's color.

Allstone Black Lava sinks all have some naturally occurring holes that required filling during the production process, the filling is a mixture of epoxy and ground stone, and should not need maintenance for many years to come, but just like a cavity tooth filling, at some point, it may come loose and require re-filling, this can be done with 100% epoxy (for small holes) or with a small amount of ground stone added, just be sure the hole is clean and dry, fill, let completely cure (24-48 hours), using a razor blade slice off any excess. Having said that, it is not uncommon for these sinks to last 10 years or more without any maintenance. Chemical sealers and impregnators are recommended for Black Lava.

Read the Allstone Product Care Instructions to review manufacturer instructions on how to clean/seal stone sinks.

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