How to care for an AllStone Limestone sink?

Caring for an AllStone stone sink is not nearly as complicated as most people think. AllStone stone sinks were selected specifically because they are tough and will provide many years of low or no maintenance. For cleaning all you’ll need is dishwashing soap and bleach. Tough food stains (including wine & beets) may appear on your sink, but can easily be removed with common bleach without harming the stone.

Allstone Limestone sinks, same as marble, has 0% water absorption, this means any stains will not be able to penetrate into the stone, they will only be on the surface and can easily be removed with either soap or bleach (for tough stains), avoid abrasive pads and cleansers. If you want to maintain the high gloss polished look for limestone, try to avoid acidic foods (lemon juice, etc.) from sitting in your limestone sink, as these may dull or etch the finish. However, over years of use, this is typically unavoidable and can be considered part of the natural aging beauty of a stone sink. If on the other hand, you prefer that new high polished look, consider using a stone gloss enhancer once a year or as needed.

Read the Allstone Product Care Instructions to review manufacturer instructions.

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