How to pick a style for your fireclay farmhouse sink?

Traditionally, a fireclay farmhouse sink was a choice for victorian homes, cottages and of course farmhouses. Today, farmhouse sinks come in varied styles and colors that make a bold statement even in a modern and contemporary styled home.

Typical features that one looks for in a modern farmhouse sink are:

  • thinner wall thickness
  • straight and slightly less rounded corners
  • smooth apron front
  • plain white, gray or colors in a matte finish.

For a traditional look, check the sink for:

  • its wall thickness; generally thicker walls give it a more vintage look
  • rounded corners, and
  • aprons with a design, lip or fluted front.

Not sure what your style is? No worries, some farmhouse sinks are finished on all four sides and are reversible and each side a little different. This means that you can install it with any apron side facing the front. The apron front can come with a smooth front, a fluted front, an arched lip, or a curved or slanted front. The corner edges can be straight or curved. This gives you the flexibility to make a decision just before installation.

Reversible Latoscana Fireclay Farmhouse Sink      Latoscana Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink | The Sink Boutique   Latoscana Fluted Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink | The Sink Boutique

See Latoscana Farmhouse sinks for the ones pictured above

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