How to care for a Native Trails Tempered Finish Hammered Copper sink?

Native Trail Copper sink is a living metal that will naturally patina over time. Native Trail Copper sink Tempered finish is a remarkable mottling of copper hues, created through complex heating and cooling process. Products in Tempered finish are not sealed; they will develop character as they react to their environment. Acidic substances such as lemons, ketchup, or red wine may alter the copper finish after prolonged contact. A unique characteristic of copper is that it is self-healing, so not to worry – in a short time (usually just days) it will naturally re-patina itself. Tempered’s beauty is ever-changing and no two pieces are alike. Caring for this finish is particularly simple since the hammered texture does not show fingerprints. For basic cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Abrasives should never be used as they may affect the finish. For extra protection, a product such as Flitz Faucet Wax+ may be applied.

Read the Native Trails Care Cleaning to review manufacturer instructions on how to clean sinks in a specific finish.

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