How to care for a NativeStone Native Trails sink?

Native Trail NativeStone Collection is reinforced with natural jute fiber, a remarkably strong and sustainable material. The result is a much lighter weight product, about 40% lighter than standard concrete, as well as an extremely crack-resistant product. We also use an exclusive low-VOC nano sealer that literally binds with the molecules in the concrete. This makes Native Trail NativeStone exceptionally stain-resistant. NativeStone is incredibly easy to keep looking like new. For ongoing maintenance, simply use mild, non-abrasive soap and cleaners. The sealer is highly stained and scratch-resistant; however, normal care should be exercised and abrasives avoided. Wipe or rinse the sink after use for best results. If your Native Trail NativeStone product needs to have its sealer refreshed, we recommend our Native Trail NativeStone Shield.

Read the Native Trails Care Cleaning to review manufacturer instructions on how to clean sinks in a specific finish.

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